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Architeacher is a program that is dedicated to encouraging excellence in the design of communities. A major thrust of the program is training teachers to help their students value beauty and function in architectural design. Since Architeacher values the elegance and craftsmanship of buildings from the past, strong focus is given to building student attitudes toward preserving the architectural heritage.

Architeacher’s staff and consultants represent two worlds—architecture and education. This partnership offers validity to the program, as experts from the field of architecture provide the knowledge of architectural history and design, and certified teachers and university professors insure that the program is compatible with the latest research in educational practice.

Architeacher has a 25 year history of success providing teacher inservice and curriculum resource materials to schools, museums and public service organizations. Architeacher’s conceptual base was established in 1975 through research funded by the Illinois Arts Council and the National Trust for Historic Preservation, and our staff development program has continued to receive funding to train teachers both nationally and world wide. We encourage you to contact us if you are interested in helping us shape a better architectural environment for your community.


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