Understanding the Built Environment
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Using Our Senses to Explore the Environment
As you walk out the door, the outside world bombards your senses. Since there are so many things to notice, you simply disregard most of them. For instance, if you step outside right now, your sense of sight can help you notice if it is bright and sunny, or dark and cloudy. Your sense of hearing tells you if you are in a quiet, soothing area or a noisy bustling part of town. Your sense of smell helps you discover pleasant and unpleasant odors that you can trace to nearby sources. One minute you bend down for a drink of water from a fountain, your sense of taste goes to work. Without even stopping to touch a thing, your sense of touch is working to tell you if the wind is blowing and if the temperature is how cool, or comfortable. You can concentrate on just one sense in order to perceive it most carefully. Find an outdoor space and take time to practice this skill using the following exercises: