Understanding the Built Environment
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Close your eyes for one minute and study, the sounds you hear. The sounds can be either natural or man-made, relaxing or tension producing. For instance, the sound of birds chirping or the gurgling of a brook are quiet, relaxing, natural sounds, while the constant cacophony of car and bus engines, horns honking, and bulldozers razing a building are disturbing noises.

Hearing Task:

Count the number of sounds you hear in one minute. Write down all the things you remember. and then close your eyes again. Try to decide if the sounds you hear are relaxing or disturbing noises. When noise is too loud or too constant, we say there is a state of "noise pollution." How is the noise pollution factor in the area where you are standing? Rate the site you are standing on a scale of 1-10 with 1 being quiet and 10 being extremely noisy.