Understanding the Built Environment
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Stop to really look at the space around you. Notice the environment. Is it natural or man made or a combination of both? Axe there Growing things in the space like trees, bushes, grass, flowers, vines and ground cover? Can you see natural things that are not alive -- like dirt, rocks, gravel, sand and stones? Is the space very flat, or does it change levels? Can you see man-made forms added to the space like concrete ramps and sidewalks, fences, signposts and benches? Are there buildings around the space? Does the architecture give a cold or warm feeling to the space it surrounds? When you look around the space, do you feel closed in or open and free to move about?

Seeing Task:

Make an inventory of your observations. Start a list and use as many descriptive words as you can to record what you are seeing, Use a system. to categorize your observations. You might start with these headings:
Natural Forms:
Growing, Static

Artificial Forms:
Buildings, Streetscape Features