Making Good Choices for Communities of the Future

Human beings are gregarious animals, and people tend to congregate in communities where they live and work together. Obviously, whenever groups of people interact with the natural environment, they manipulate it to suit their needs. The built environment that results is often haphazard and without an overall plan. Architeacher stresses that understanding the built environment is the first step in making sure that communities develop in positive ways with a definite plan in mind.

When we teach students about planning, we help them understand the value of maintaining the unique quality of a community. We show them the importance of preserving old buildings and sensitively adding new structures that compliment the existing aesthetic of the town. Architeacher programs also focus on saving the environment by recycling buildings for new uses.

Architeacher encourages community/school partnerships that involve students in city planning. Many architects and preservationists have excellent talents and resources to share with students. Check the "setting up Historic Preservation Education Programs" link on the HPE page to see examples of ways to share your talents with students.


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