Maintaining The Unique Quality Of A Community
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Most communities are initially built in a particular style that is popular during a historical period. As time goes on, more buildings are added, and some old structures are torn down and replaced. Cities tend to grow in a series of waves, in which the architecture represents the popular culture of the time, available technology and the most economical ways to build a structure so that it meets the needs of its inhabitants.

When Americans traveled less and were more isolated, regional architecture was very distinct. In most cases the buildings reflected the culture and climate of a particular geographical area. For instance, in the Southwestern states, you saw architecture that showed the influence of Spanish culture combined with that of the pueblo style adobe construction developed by the Indians to suit the climate.

Architecture today is much more homogeneous. Mass marketing through the franchise system brings adobe-like buildings to the Midwestern states where the climate makes such architecture seem out of place. How confusing this must be to children!