Learning To Protect Your Architectural Heritage

Preserving and protecting the architectural heritage requires that citizens learn to value historically significant historic buildings. Many people think that you have to be old to value history, but ARCHITEACHER starts teaching students to value their heritage in elementary school. Seeds of appreciation for architectural history need to be sown early so that adults who make good choices can sprout!

It’s natural to integrate lessons in historic preservation with the social studies curriculum. In fact, we’ve found that students show a lot of interest in history when lessons include studying about architectural styles. Through community walking tours and hands on projects, students learn that historic buildings are important artifacts of culture. They also begin to recognize that architecture stimulates the development of new technology.

Setting up a Historic Preservation Education program in schools requires an understanding of the Educational Standards teachers are required to follow. With this background, preservationists can donate well researched teaching resources and funds to help teachers enrich their existing school curriculum.

Teachers can get help setting up Historic Preservation Programs from state and local agencies. The Illinois Historic Preservation Agency is an excellent resource for links to community and governmental agencies that are willing to assist teachers. IHPA’s web site also contains excellent information about buildings of historic significance in Illinois.


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