Let’s start the design process. First, we need to have a client. He or she tells us about the type of building we will design. Then, we work together to make a list of things that we have to include in the design. This list is called a PROGRAM.

CLIENT: Today you are the client and the architect.

PROGRAM: You are going to design a doorway for your own house (or bedroom) that tells the world about what is important to you. For instance, if you are a soccer player, you could have carvings of balls around the edges of the door and your door could be round!

TO DO: Think about things that are important to you. Write your own design program by listing your ideas for the doorway on paper.

Design Step 1: Make rough sketches: Draw three ideas of the shape for your door. Choose your favorite.

Design Step 2: Look at your list of important things about your life. Draw some pictures that might represent each idea. Choose a central idea or theme for the drawings. (ex: If you like dogs, you can draw doghouses, bones, dog heads…)

Design Step 3: Using pencil, draw the doorway and add your decorations.

Design Step 4: Use thin black marker to make the drawing stand out. Add color with colored markers or crayons.

Design Step 5: Think up a name that describes your doorway design.