Students of architectural design have many chances to prove how creative they are. Several times during the semester they are given a type of test called a “sketch problem.” The professor gives everyone in class the same design program. The students have one day to come up with a design and draw a plan of how the building will look. The best design gets a prize.

Do you want to try brainstorming ideas for a building? The following sketch problem leads you through the thinking process architects use when they design. You can try it using our client, SPOILED KID, and then you can do the exercise again if you choose a new client.

These are the steps you will follow as you do the sketch problem. (We will practice each step together in the SPOILED KID project):

Step 1: Write a design program
Make a list of important things to include

Step 2: Draw a bubble diagram
Use shapes to show how you will arrange spaces

Step 3: Make a floor plan
Draw a bird’s eye view of the building

Step 4: Add doors, windows and furniture
Show how you use the building

Step 5: Draw the façade of the addition
Show the way the front of your building looks

Step 6: Draw a site plan
Indicate how your new building fits in with the surroundings