Welcome to the world of Architeacher™!

As suggested by our name, teachers are the key to our success, and we value the creative and innovative ideas they consistently bring to the program. Our Architeachers are life-long learners who love to absorb new knowledge and are constantly looking for ways to enhance the learning experience for their students. We applaud the model school programs that are helping students to become future decision makers in their community.

Teachers have a lot of demands placed upon them, and they have good reason to ask us why they should include architecture in the schools. As certified teachers with many years of classroom experience, we tell them that our curriculum is research based and designed to expose children to learning through action-based projects that target multiple intelligences. All of our unit and lesson plans are designed within the framework of educational standards mandated by most state boards of education.

We encourage teachers to network with experts so that they get help setting up an Architeacher program. There are many models for setting up an Architeacher program, but most are enhanced by well-researched teaching resources. I’m sure you know, too, that even a small amount of funding allows a teacher to offer exciting educational adventures to their students.


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